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About us

Whenever we read an offer of any company, we ask ourselves a question: Why them? How are they different from other companies from that industry? Do they offer something special?

MGW CCG was created out of passion, knowledge and experience. It gathers people that used for many years used to run their own business or work for production, trading and service organizations. At the same time, for many years they learned the insides of the world of finance, including leasing and banking services. Some of us gained experience in large consulting companies. This was in that very unique environment where we got that idea to build a bridge between the world of specialists from various sectors who need funds for development and the world of finance where your wish to sell must conform to your concern about security of funds you have been entrusted with.


We understand both of these areas so we may increase competence of companies looking for funds to the extent that will allow them to become an equal partner for lessors, and on the other hand give them some more structured information about business of their future or prospective clients so that the conducted analyses were more complete, fact-based and giving full description of the characteristic features of a given business. As a result, you may agree on more satisfying offer parameters, better legal terms and conditions of agreements, optimal securities, etc.

Furthermore, we commit to conduct a series of analyses, business plans, estimates and financial forecasts. With professionally prepared documentations it is easier for our Clients to obtain funds, conduct effective restructuring or enterprise valuation.