Our Restructuring Team consists of specialists with relevant experience in business restructuring and financial commitments. We operate based on procedures set forth in the Restructuring Law or restructuring programs implemented in consultation with Financial Institutions. We are a licensed Restructuring Advisor and we are listed on the list of counseling companies recommended by banks for supporting corrective processes and developing restructuring programs.

  • We have developed and implemented a number of minor and major restructurings worth several million zlotys, which enabled our Clients to regain their liquidity.
  • We have participated in ownership change processes and building groups of companies, providing our Customer with new development opportunities.
  • We have processed practical motions for restructuring based on Restructuring Law.


Mariusz Grajda
Mariusz Grajda
Managing Partner
T: +48 22 292 81 11
M: +48 603 803 388