We are leasing experts. Our long-term experience gained through working on managerial positions at leasing companies combined with years of MGW CCG development and practical skills of solving problems with leasing agreements resulted in gathering some outstanding know-how in that area. Drawing on our experience we opened a leasing agreements administration portal – LEASING MONITOR. It is the only one of this kind in Poland and it allowed many of our Clients recover their dues that were incorrectly calculated by leasing companies. This portal also offers full support with solving some issues between the Lessor and Beneficiary on an ongoing basis. Our specialists proactively support the businesses that wish to execute leasing agreements effectively, safely and at low cost, by giving the agreements the right structure and negotiating terms thereof with leasing companies. We share our knowledge and experience by publishing a quarterly “Leasing Monitor” and organizing specialist leasing trainings. Our achievements:

  • For our Clients we have arranged leasing agreements worth over 1 billion zlotys, negotiating one of the best financial terms and conditions in Poland and the safest legal conditions of such agreements
  • We administer several thousand leasing agreements on an ongoing basis
  • For our Clients we have recovered hundreds of thousand zlotys of savings by modifying incorrect calculations of leasing payments
  • We have effectively implemented a series of leasing agreements restructuring processes, which will enable our Clients to continue management of those agreements safely


Mariusz Grajda
Mariusz Grajda
Managing Partner
T: +48 22 292 81 11
M: +48 603 803 388