We have been observing the leasing market for years now and we noticed there was really no professional publication clearly and thoroughly dealing with leasing issues. Most articles published in dailies or periodicals do not meet such criteria, as they describe the phenomena superficially and not comprehensively. Obviously, our newsletter is far from perfect, too, but we are trying to make it better all the time and many articles we published there have gathered positive reviews from both beneficiaries and lessors.

We write about any market phenomena that we find relevant, including new “ideas” of leasing companies granting themselves rights to gain additional financial benefits at their clients’ expense. You would expect lessors to object that but as it turned out, there is a large group of companies that do not want to earn money this way so drawing clients’ attention to such actions is a good way to emphasize their reliability.

Another group topics we discuss is all aspects of risk related to executing and servicing leasing agreements. We call it generally “Safe Leasing” and we consider it to be an absolute necessity for anyone taking advantage of this service.

Also, we look at various legal, financial and accounting aspects of cooperation with Legal Counsels and Tax Advisors, arising from interpretations and decisions pertaining to leasing.

The articles we have published so far are available on There you can also subscribe to our newsletter so that you will have a quick access to our current publications.

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