Leasing Trainings

MGW’s mission is to systematically provide their partners with knowledge about leasing. That proposition is quite unique since as a rule everybody tends to keep their expertise to themselves, to benefit from it. However, we reckon that we should minimize the lack of balance between both parties of the transaction on the leasing market. Having a client with low knowledge might seem to be better, but this is profitable in the short-term only.

We share our knowledge with our partners taking advantage of the Leasing Monitor pack, on an ongoing basis. We also publish a periodic [newsletter], dealing with basic issues of executing and handling leasing agreements. From time to time we organize business breakfasts during which we discuss new leasing issues and legal acts together with a recognized tax consulting company.

We may also share our knowledge with you, organizing leasing, tax, finance and other kinds of trainings. The time and scope of trainings are to be determined as needed. If such trainings are what you need, please [contact us].

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Mariusz Grajda
Mariusz Grajda
Managing Partner
T: +48 22 292 81 11
M: +48 603 803 388

Jarosław Melon
Jarosław Melon
Product Manager
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M: +48 601 416 179